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What is the secret of people that live happy lives?

Do you know people that are constantly in a good mood? They are often smiling and looking at life with bright eyes, a positive outlook and, funny enough, everything seems to be going so well for them. That is not always true, but that is how it appears to us. As my husband likes to use this phrase: "everything they touch seems to turn into gold".

In my adult life I have worked with many types of personalities and have forged some great friendships. I have had the chance to observe and learn from all of them. I have personally seen patterns of behavior specifically with the ones that seemed happy and content all the time. I like to share those attributes with you. Maybe it can help improve your view of life.

Secret #1: These types of people enjoy the smallest things in life. This can include the smell of coffee in the morning, the fresh air coming in upon opening the windows, or the beautiful flowers that have bloomed in front of the house. They laugh at the silliest things and they laugh out loud. These individuals make you want to spend time with them. They remain a child at heart because we all start out this way as a child. But something happens as we get older and some of us lose that spirit which is closest to the higher intelligence that is within each of us.

So, let's become children again and enjoy life just the way it is in our current circumstances. Remember, no matter how bad things get, I promise there is always something funny to laugh about and something to be thankful for.

Secret #2: These individuals pay close attention to the dreams in their heart. They imagine often and they go after their goals and dreams with faith that they will achieve what they desire. This is an important one. Because with time we learn the voice of internal judgment, doubt, outside opinions and conditions and we let those voices get in the way of us building our dreams and pursuing them.

Let's get back to dreaming and imagining about the life we desire. Then, take those necessary steps to achieve what we want knowing in faith that doors will open for us. If we desire it bad enough we will take steps forward even in the absence of knowing how.

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