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What if?

So one of the key elements of reaching any goal in life is really knowing what your goal or vision is. It is astounding how many people do not know what their dream life looks like. They are so wrapped up in their circumstances and current situation, that they can't even take a few minutes and imagine what if it was possible? What would their life be like if it was possible to have that house? What if it was possible to work smarter, not harder and have time to travel and spend with family? How would it feel? What if it was possible to have that dream job? I can go on forever. But the point here is the majority of people see things impossible before they even imagine what it would look like. Some people won't even try an idea they have or an action, already thinking they just can't do it. For example, I have a patient that had been having difficulty climbing the stairs for about 5 years. She has been receiving physical therapy from me and we have been working together now for about 6 months to improve her walking, strength and independence with her activities of daily living. At the clinic today I asked her to climb up a set of four steps, while holding on to the handrail. She immediately said "no I can't". It kind of made me chuckle. I kindly asked her to at least give it a try and imagine what it would look like if she could, before climbing. She was attempting to climb up, but her mind kept stopping her from stepping up, based on her inability to do so in the past. with some encouragement and to her amazement she finally climbed those steps continuously without stopping. Needless to say that her success was celebrated. Some of us have been sabotaging living our dream life the same way. We already decide that we will fail, so we don't even try. We even give up imaging what our dream life would look like. What's the use right? So lets take a few minutes and work on the blue prints of our desired goal. Remember what if it was possible? What would it look like?

Have a blessed day!

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