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The Great You

Every one of us struggles with the lack of self confidence at some point in our lives. We get so inundated with social media, news, and our current circumstances, telling us who we should be, how we should act and what we should be doing. More destructive than that are our insecure thoughts and feelings about ourselves daily.

I love the story of the tiger that grew up amongst goats. One day a pregnant tiger became ill and after having her cub; she died. The cub ended up finding a herd of goats and started following them around and became part of the herd. The beautiful cub ate like a goat, made sounds like a goat, acted like a goat, and eventually thinking it was a goat. Until one day another mature tiger came around hunting and saw this now juvenile tiger hanging out with the goats. The adult tiger called out to the young tiger and asked him what he was doing and why? The young tiger replied, "I am a goat and doing what goats do". The adult tiger took the juvenile tiger to his home and fed him some meat from his previous hunt. At first the young tiger did not want it, but then it started smelling it and eating the meat and thought wow, that was really good. It even let out a small roar. Then the adult tiger took the juvenile tiger to a pond and asks him to look in the water. The young Tiger looks into the pond and sees his reflection and with awe releases a loud roar. At that moment the young tiger came to the realization of his power and started to discover his abilities. The realization of its true self.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Know that you are more capable than your conditions, circumstances, environment and all the physical and material things around you. Starting today, practice creating moments in your life that bring you joy. Because every moment you create a life you love, creates an entire day that you have loved living. Be that tiger and realize your power through creating those moments in your life, regardless of your circumstances. You will be amazed what you can do.

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