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The connection between the mind and chronic pain

You were in a really bad car accident 3 years ago and have been dealing with your back pain ever since. Life has not been the same. You no longer do some of the things that made you happy before this horrible day. You used to dance often, go hiking, play with your grandchildren, or travel for work and pleasure. You feel like you have no tolerance for any of that any more, due to the excruciating pain you experience after attempting any of those activities. As a result you have lost your self confidence and have stopped taking care of yourself. You are suffering from depression and anxiety. So how do you break out of this cycle? Well, it all comes back to the mind, body and soul connection. We are more than our bodies and we often tend to forget that. We still have our minds which we can control as far as thinking and perception. We can also reflect deep within our soul and ask for guidance. There is an incredible power within each of us and its called the power of making decisions. At some point you will have to decide if you will continue on this path of darkness and permanent state of pain, or regardless of your condition, you will choose a path of progress and self healing and ultimately the life that you love living. I know it sounds easy on paper, but it honestly is not that difficult. It is a change of perception and a switch of giving attention to what you desire versus what is. So why not regardless of the existing pain, you continue to eat healthy, perform proper regular exercise, allow time for meditation or prayer and visualize and work towards living a life you love. Then write down every day one thing you can do to get closer to your goal. Yes the pain might continue to be there, but by shifting your attention to your goals and your lifestyle, you will notice a significant difference in how you feel. Our bodies have incredible healing power and by using our minds to shift our perception and focus, we can turn on that healing power and turn our life around. Be well.

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