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Every morning when I wake up, I think here we go. I ask God to help me inspire others into action. To not only be grateful for all their blessings, but to also move towards their goals and dreams. Today I was inspired by one of my own patients. I actually thanked God for sending him my way as a reminder to myself that we are so much more powerful than our conditions and circumstances. This is a story of a young man in his thirties who had a decent life with a salary that helped support his family. He had a home and was content with his life. Couple of years ago for reasons I will not get into due to HIPPA (medical privacy laws), he had an accident and became wheelchair bound. He received physical therapy at home for several months and was able to walk, however in an unsafe manner and continues to have severe pain. As a result he lost his job, his home and his children. This was a hard blow for him. He was proud to be able to have a job and help support his family, but now he is barely able to support himself and is homeless. He goes from home to home and sometimes sleeps under the bridge. As I'm speaking to this gentleman, I realize that he is filled with Grace as he is describing his condition. He did not sound like he was a victim, rather that his circumstances just changed. He started by thanking the fact that he can even walk to begin with. He considered himself a result of a miracle as he thought he should be wheelchair bound. Then he started thanking all his doctors that care for him. He stated he is fortunate that they all show care and compassion and help with following up on his case. Then after just talking to me for maybe 10 minutes, he said how grateful he was for me and our team. He was somewhat anxious, but ready with an open heart and mind to start his journey of healing. He has a goal and a purpose to be well again, so that he can play with his children and be back to work to help take care of them. I know that this person will not only overcome his disability, but he will reach heights greater than he has ever reached. He will not only achieve his goal but will be abundant in his life as a whole. He will thrive in all areas of his life simply by his grateful attitude and then by his determination and persistence. This is an example of the power within each and every one of us which can overcome any challenging circumstance. Lets remember that when we feel stuck or trapped in our existing life. Have a blessed day.

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