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Staying Healthy at any Age and in any Situation

Are you above 50 years of age? How many times have you gone to the Doctor's office for some aches and pains and after they perform every test there is, they state: "Oh you know a lot of that is your age". If only I had a nickel for every time a patient told me that.

We have to get out of that condition based living (Meaning letting our age decide how we are going to live and feel) and live by design. Now I'm not saying that our bodies do not go under certain physiological changes with age, but as a healthcare professional and a huge fan of practicing prevention, I also know that we can contribute to a healthier, happier life by designing a healthy life style that includes a healthy diet, proper sleep and a good exercise plan for the mind and the body. I also like to add spirituality as an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether you practice a religion or not, but we'll leave that for another discussion. At the end of the day remember that you are the master of your own life design. No matter what age, every decision you make on a daily basis, will impact your overall health and well being and its never too late to start making better decisions for a healthier body. We may not know how long we will be on this earth, but we can determine whether this life will be of quality or not.

Happy body = happy life

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