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How to overcome the psychological and emotional aspects of physical injury or disability?

I don't know how many times as a physical therapist I have had clients walk in the door with a sad and honestly a "pissed off" face. It is so easy to judge this person. It's so easy to assume that they are mean and not very personable. The truth is as we start our conversation, it becomes clear that these people are just frustrated, depressed, and feel trapped. They have stopped doing the things they love. They feel broken and believe that they can never return to their normal, let alone achieve a life long dream.

This is where we come in as healthcare professionals to not only give them hope and inspiration, but walk with them on a journey to healing, function and a quality of life. But it doesn't end there for most people. There are goals and dreams they have and are afraid of achieving them because how their physical limitations has impede them emotionally and psychologically. Come to find out that physical limitations are not the only reasons for that. We all have paradigms or a set of thoughts and beliefs that have been instilled in us which become blocks in our way and prevent us from moving forward towards our goals. As a life Coach this is where we continue on this journey with our clients as a guide to change those perceptions and take away those road blocks to create a forward momentum. Now this does not mean there won't be obstacles in the way, but we can teach, guide, and motivate them to navigate around those obstacles and not give up.

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